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Audiometers (air, bone, speech)

AudioSmart is a new generation of audiometer for diagnosis, which allow air conduction, bone conduction, and speech audiometry. AudioSmart can be used as a stand-alone or as a computer-based device. 


What’s new about this audiometer is its way of functioning: either portative in outpatient mode or PC-based. The AudioSmart device allows you to carry out a complete audiometric analysis as a specialist would do: pure tone audiometry (air and bone conduction) and speech audiometry. The device is designed for ENT doctors and hearing aid specialists.


Portable: with its carrying case, it is possible to use the AudioSmart device in many places (audiometry cabin, consulting-room…). Ultra-light, it easily fits in your hand. Thanks to its color touch screen, you can display the results of the tests directly on the screen of the device and analyze them without using paper.

Computer-based: connected to your PC with a USB connection, you can run tests from your computer. With the Echosoft software, you can consult your database, create patient files, export and print data.

AUDIOSMART offers a unique solution which is modular, by integrating :

  • Air conduction
  • Pure tone audiometry (air + bone conduction)
  • Pure tone audiometry + speech
AudioSmart (Audiomètre de diagnostic / Diagnostic audiometer)

This complete audiometer will be shipped in a briefcase which includes all the accessories you need to make your tests. You have the choice to use a DD45 or DD45 High Isolation headset for air conduction tests. You can also use a vibrator headset, the RadioEar B71, for bone conduction tests.



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