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Automated TEOAE & AABR

Babyscreen is a multifonction device designed for newborn hearing screening, allowing OAE and ABR tests. Screening tests will be done in a quick, accurate and automated way. With its color touch screen and its intuitive user interface, it is easy to carry out the newborn hearing screening process. This device is designed for an outpatient use for doctors and the medical staff working in maternity hospitals.


Portable: thanks to the optimum size of the case, it can be easily integrated into maternity hospitals’ workflow. Its lithium battery ensures 5 hours of use from each charge. Moreover, its mini SD card allows to store up to 2000 tests.
Simple and stand-alone: getting started is intuitive thanks to the 3.5 inches touch screen and an easy navigation through the menus. Its user interface has been specifically developed to optimize tests implementation. The results of measurements are immediately displayed on the screen.
Backup and consultation: connecting the device to a computer allows you to transfer collected measurements and store them into the database of the Echosoft software provided. Then you have the possibility to consult, print and export the results.


BabyScreen (Dépistage néonatal / Newborn screening)

The OAE probe is easy to handle, and OAE plugs will allow a perfect location in the newborn’s hearing canal. This is a really important step, because it condition the acquisition length and the quality of the results.

surface electrodes

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