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Work and School health
Screening audiometry

The Echoscan was designed and patented by the INRS who entrusted its manufacturing to ECHODIA.

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It is the result of extensive research to develop a device capable of evaluating auditory fatigue. Indeed, employee exposure to loud noise or ototoxic substances may cause hearing impairment.

The Echoscan aims to prevent these risks. Through rapid, non- invasive and objective measures it tests the functioning of the internal ear and middle ear as well as nerve centers.

The principle: Echoscan records otoacoustic emission (OAE) in one ear , while triggering the auditory reflex in the other ear. The amplitude variations of the OAE enable to determine the threshold at which the auditory reflex is triggered. Very sensitive to auditory fatigue, this threshold allows to identify the warning signs before deafness.



- Evaluation of auditory fatigue

- Examination of the inner ear

- Measurement of acoustic reflex

Study of the pharmacological effects of chemicals

Tonal audiometry




Non-invasive and objective measurement
Does not require a soundproof booth

Echoscan (fatigue auditive / auditory fatigue)
Work and School health

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