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ENT Diagnosis
ABR, VEMP/OEP, TEOAE, ECochG, DP-gram, DPMC, DDPOAE, Audiometry

ELITE is a stand-alone or computer-based equipment for evoked potentials, allowing ABR, oVEMP and cVEMP, ECochG, and DPMC. This device includes the potentials evoked package from ELIOS. ELITE allows to collect informations from the electrical activity of the auditory nerve after an external stimulation. Measures don’t need patient’s involvement, the examination is unbiased.

ELITE is an upgradable device with these measures :

  • PEAp/ ABR
  • PEO / VEMP
  • ECochG
  • DPMC
  • Mobile
  • Computer-based
  • Easy to use
  • Modular
  • Upgradable
  • Fast
  • Ideal for operating rooms (no interference)

ELITE include four evoked potentials measurements, you can choose according to your needs one or more tests: 

  • ABR
  • VEMP 
  • ECochG 
  • DPMC 
Elite (Potentiels évoqués / Evoked potentials)

In order to carry out high quality electrophysiology measures, we provide you with the surface electrodes (Skintact F40), the gold electrodes (ER3-26B, ER3-26A), the ABR eartips (ER3-26B, ER3-26A and ER3-14D2), as well as the electrophysiology cables.

surface electrodes
gold electrodes plugs
ENT Diagnosis

Measurement proposed:


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