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ENT Diagnosis
ABR, cVEMP/oVEMP, TEOAE, ECochG, DP-gram, DPMC, Shift-OAE, Audiometry


Elios is an hearing assessment device that can include up to nine different measurements (measurements of otoacoustic emissions, evoked postentials and audiometry).
You can build your device by choosing the appropriate measurements for your activity.
The device can be upgraded at any time with new measurements purchased later.


Two modes of operation are available.

Connect the device to your computer
Via the supplied USB cable you can control the Echodia devices from your PC or MAC with the free Echosoft software.

Perform tests directly on the device


Here is a presentation of the ELIOS device (click on the toothed wheel of the Youtube window in order to add the english subtitles) :


Here are the available measurements on the ELIOS:

  • Evoked potentials:
    • ABR  (Auditory Brainstem Response)
    • OEP  (Otolithics Evoked Potentials) / VEMP (Myogenic Vestibular Evoked Potentials)
    • ECochG (ElectroCochleoGraphy)
  • Otoacoustic emissions:
    • TEOAE (Transient Otoacoustic Emissions)
    • DP-gram (Distortion Product of Otoacoustic Emissions)
  • Hydrops:
    • Shift-OAE (Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions Phase Shift)
    • ECochG (ElectroCochleoGraphy)
    • DPMC (Cochlear Microphonic Potential Phase Shift)
  • Audiometry:
    • Bone conduction
    • Pure tone audiometry


You can choose the measurements you need in order to build your ELIOS as you wish it. Moreover, ELIOS is upgradable, so you can buy and add several functions later. 

Elios (multifonction)

ELIOS will be delivered with its carrying case. This case includes all the necessary hardware to make test and measurement. We offer a huge range of accessories and consumables , so you will be able to realize high quality tests. 


  • Otoacoustic emissions measurement:
    • Otoacoustic emissions plugs – 3 to 16mm (TEOAE, DP-gram, Shif-OAE)
  • Electrophysiology measurement:
    • Front electrodes: Skintact W130 and Skintact F40 (ABR, DPMC, ECochG, VEMP)
    • Golden electrodes: ER3-26B and ER3-26A (DPMC and ECochG)
    • ABR plugs: ER3-14A, ER3-14B, and ER3-14D2 (ABR and VEMP)
    • Electrophysiology cables (ABR, VEMP, DPMC and ECochG)
  • Audiometry measurement:
    • Sennheiser headsets HD 202, HDA 280, and HDA 200 (Air conduction and speech)
    • Bone vibrator RadioEar B71
    • Inserts (Air conduction and speech)
    • Handgrip for patient’s response (Air conduction and bone conduction)
surface electrodes
gold electrodes plugs
Presentation of ELIOS
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