Pure tone audiometry


Pure-tone Audiometry is the basic review of the hearing. This test allows a quick check of the transmission chain of sound to the brain. The measure is obtained through the issuance of a sound wave frequency calibrated whose it will lower the power until the patient hears. The sounds are emitted by a helmet above the ear in one ear then in the other with a mask-side.                                    


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Test of the audition and the deafness:



Pure-tone Audiometry allows searching hearing thresholds for each ear in a frequency range from 125Hz to 12 kHz. While bone conduction evaluates performance of the inner ear and the auditory nerve, the air conduction tests all of the acoustic function of the external ear to the auditory nerve. Interpretation of the audiogram, measures the degree of hearing loss and type of deafness. The pure-tone also allows the determination of threshold of discomfort, or looking for any frequency of tinnitus.


Echodia devices allowing pure tone audiometry measurements: ELIOS, AUDIOSMART and  AUDIOSCHOOL.