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gold electrodes plugs

Adult (13mm)

With its how-know in ENT, ECHODIA has developed non-invasive electrophysiology technologies such as non-invasive electrocochleography.

If these measures are possible today in a non-invasive way, it is because ECHODIA uses gold ear tips.
These gold ear tips serve as an electrode (more precisely in the realization of electrocochleography) through the gold film which serves as conductor for the analysis of the electrical signal retransmitted by the cochlea.

ECHODIA offers with these single-use plugs two different sizes for the ECochG and DPMC tests, gold ear tips ER3-26B for children, and gold ear tips ER3-26A for adults.


- ER3-26A:

  • Gold ear tips for adult.
  • Size: 13 mm.
  • Use: single use. Using in ECochG and DPMC.
  • Standard Packaging: 20 caps per pack.
gold electrodes plugs
Adult (13mm)

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