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 The DD45 is a dynamic, closed headphone. It is ideal for all your Echodia’s devices.



  • the modern design of the DD45 is totally adapted for your environment :

Light, easy to maintain, comfortable with its soft and flexible headband it is also foldable for space saving purposes.

  • optimized performances

The DD45 replaces the TDH39 and becomes the new standard in audiometry.


Specifications :


Transducer principle dynamic, closed
Standard impedance 10 Ohm



300 mW; from 100 to 8000Hz
Force 4,5N +/- 0.5N
Linearity 0 to 500 mW
Sensibility 106.7 dB SPL, starting with 1mW, input 1kHz
Distortion less than 1%
Frequency 20 - 12 000 Hz
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