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OAE eartips

size from 3 to 16mm

The ELIOS and OTODIA devices from ECHODIA incorporate in its range of diagnostic, three tests which use otoacoustic emissions.

Knowing that these otoacoustic emissions tests can be performed on babies, children and adults, ECHODIA offers a wide range of plastic eartips.
These plastic eartips are identical to these used in tympanometry measures, allow for quickly and easily testing the otoacoustic emissions proposed in the ELIOS and OTODIA devices such as DP-gram, TEOAE and Shift-OAE. The wide choice offered in the range of plastic eartips enables you to be able to make otoacoustic emissions on your patients, babies and adults.
  • Plastic eartips for otoacoustic emissions.
  • Size: 3 to 16 mm.
  • Use: Single use. Using in Shift-OAE, TEOAE and DP-gram

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